The number of fucks I give at any particular moment = cos(pi). Run along now children.

Talk to the ones you love, and do it without a filter. If you feel trapped in the dark let someone know. They don’t have to have the brightest light hidden in their pocket and have an elaborate plan to bring you out into the light, but let them know you’re there.

Today would be the ideal time for a follow up on my left knee. Holy fucking pain. Good thing my truck is a stick and I’ve got 30mi of traffic ahead of me.

#son of fuck

Just FYI if you say something like “wow she’d be really hot if she just lost a few pounds” anywhere near me I can’t be held responsible for any sudden loss of consciousness you might experience. I mean a court might not agree with me but I’ll just point to my deadly allergy to total douchebags and claim I feared for my life and thus had to respond with immediate force proportional to the level of asshole demonstrated by such comments.

#know your ROE